Give Thanks

Easter Sunday is by far the most popular day of the entire year for churches. As soon as Christmas is over, churches start planning for Easter Sunday. It is the most important day for us as believers. We get the privilege to gather together and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ! A lot goes into the annual planning of Easter Sunday! We’re here to help you get prepared with this Easter Sunday Checklist, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to have a successful Easter Sunday service!
Prayer + Fast
In the weeks leading up to Easter, it is a great idea to be rooted and grounded in prayer as a leadership team and a church. There is so much power in prayer as you dedicate time to go before the Lord with your requests and petitions. Create a list of things that you need prayer for as a church and community. Share your list of things to be praying for with your team and congregation. Consider doing a fast, leading up to Easter. While you may not be a church that observes Lent, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in a fast, leading up to Easter. While it can be something as simple or basic as fasting a meal a day or fasting entertainment or media, you’ll find that, during this process of prayer and fasting, you will see breakthrough in a big way!
Once you’ve got your plans in place for Easter weekend and all of your Easter services, run through everything with your team and rehearse it. While this may seem silly or unnecessary. You’ll find that going through a rehearsal or two will help shed light on things you might have overlooked or even possibly inspire you and your team with some new ideas before the real thing. It is especially important for the worship team to practice and rehearse, as well. Trust us, spending time for rehearsal will be a huge help.
Announcement And Promotion
It is never too soon to start announcing or promoting your Easter services. By now, someone else in your community has already been spreading the word about their Easter service. And while it’s not a competition between churches in your community, you do want to make sure you are one of the firsts to get their word out there. Brand your service from start to finish with Easter church graphics! You’ll find everything you need from sermon PowerPoints, countdown timers, motion graphics, flyers, bulletins and more!
Sermon Topics
Have you thought about what your sermon is going to be about on Easter Sunday? There are so many different topics to preach about on Easter Sunday. How about the weeks leading up to it? Are you going to talk about the death of Jesus, his incredible and miraculous resurrection? Here are just a few Easter sermon ideas to help get the creative juices flowing: