5 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Child Today

Having the mindset to encourage your child is immensely important for their spiritual growth. Discouragement is an unwelcome storm cloud that darkens life.
It drains the fun out of things we enjoy,
causes us to pull away from those we
love, and robs us of our passion for truly living. Sadly, discouragement is not exclusive to adults. Our children can find themselves walking under this dark cloud. However, as parents, you can eliminate discouragements – you can encourage your child today!

In Proverbs 16:24 (NLT)Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), the Bible teaches us: “kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Speaking words of encouragement to our children literally brings them health, for both body and soul. Now that’s an amazing promise! If your little one has been slumping under the gloom of discouragement, then it’s time to flood their heart with some light.


5 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Child Today


Encourage Your Child’s Mind

If you have ever heard your child say “I’m stupid” or “I’m just not smart”, you know how painful those words can be. Your child is not stupid, they are fearfully and wonderfully made by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Here are some examples of words we can speak to encourage your children’s minds.


Encourage Their Heart

The human heart is something only God himself can truly know. We all wrestle with our inner thoughts. We all struggle with insecurity, guilt and confusion. Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that we are loved, valued and appreciated. Here are some words we can share to encourage our children’s hearts.

“I love you!”

“I always have so much fun spending time with you.”
“You’re the best, you always make me laugh so much.”
“No one on the planet gives better hugs than you!”
“I am so happy God brought you into my life.”

Encourage Their Body

Our bodies are a fundamental part of what makes us a person. This is why aging bodies can be so discouraging for us adults! But our children face a different kind of discouragement. Their bodies are in a constant state of change/growth, and then puberty hits! All it takes is another kid making fun of how our child looks, and they’re in a tailspin. Here’s a quick list of phrases to encourage our children about their bodies.

“Wow, I can’t believe what a handsome young man you’ve grown in to.”
“You are beautiful, inside and out!”

“Hang on, flex again. That is a real muscle you’ve got there!”
“I knew you were pretty, but you look so amazing in that dress.”
“You have the coolest eyes.”
“I love the way you are doing your hair now, it looks so good.”
“Man you are getting fast, pretty soon you’re going to beat me at soccer.”

Encourage Your Child’s Spirit

We have all been made in the image of God and it isn’t until we have trusted our lives to Christ that we ever find true peace and victory over discouragement. The greatest thing we can do as parents is to encourage your children in the Lord; to help awaken in them a knowledge of, and hunger for, God. Try to encourage your child in the following ways:

“God made you perfect! You are wonderfully made!”

“Jesus loves you so much and he always will.”
“No matter what happens, God will always be there for you.”
“Jesus died to pay for your sins, that is how much God values you!”
“You don’t have to be afraid, God is mighty and he wants to help.”

Encourage Your Child’s Future

The world can be a scary place, and the uncertainty of the future can make it more so. As our kids grow, they slowly get a taste of the pain and brokenness of this fallen world. Parents, in turn, need to encourage our children. We need to let them know that, in Christ, their future is secure and full of hope!

“God has big plans for your life!”

“God has placed special gifts in you that you haven’t even discovered yet!”
“With Jesus, you can do anything! Nothing is impossible!”
“No matter what happens, God promises to never leave you.”
“Even if life gets hard, God has given you the amazing promise of heaven to look forward to.”

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